100 Days of Animals Project

In 2016, I took on a project inspired by a photo group I was in. It was to pick a subject and work on it for 10 minutes each day for 100 days. I chose to photograph animals, since that is my passion and I wanted to work with more animals I rarely had. Of course, my project ended up being WAAYYY more than 10 minutes a day and just kept evolving. This experience was amazing for me. I grew so much as a pet photographer and as an individual because I really found myself and my passion during this project. I was feeling very lost and uninspired in my photography business at the time. This is common for working artists and it is so important to do creative projects for just yourself.

I photographed over 300 animals in this project and let's say, tried to, overcome my fear of some. Photographing Killer Dirt, the snake, was a tough one for me, I was quietly screaming the whole time. Same with photographing different insects at the CSU Bug Zoo...spiders and such....heebie jeebies! The one animal I missed that I truly wanted to have in this project was a pig, but I covered lots of animals, many dogs including a wolf/dog hybrid, horses, goats, cats, turtles, a snake, insects, chickens, gerbils, ducks, a salamander, a parrot, a turkey, a lizard, a hampster, a hedgehog, and rabbits, oh my!

All in all, I had an incredible time during this project, here are some of my favorites