Want to book a session for your pet? Here is what you need to know!

Colorado pet photographer serving Northern Colorado & Denver areas

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outdoor natural light sessions - starting at $285.00

We will decide together wether we want to romp around in nature, downtown or other locations.

Here are some suggestions to make the session go smoothly!

  • Please exercise your pet the day of the session so they can rid of some excess energy.

  • If your pet doesn’t know sit, lay down or stay, make it fun and practice these with them.

  • Consider getting your pet groomed so they can look as fabulous as possible!

  • Bring any favorite toys, bow-ties, handkerchiefs etc you’d like to have in the photos.

  • The less people at the session, the better as animals can get easily distracted.

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JOy sessions - starting at $140.00

It is so important to have memories of your best friends for when they are no longer physically with us. These sessions are reserved for just that. Depending on the circumstances, I’m happy to come to you and your pet or we can plan an outdoor location. I’m willing to work with you on rush timing and cost of these sessions!

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