About ERIN

For as long as I can remember, I have connected with animals on a deep level. I have been photographing people, landscapes and pets for decades now, but it’s among the members of that last category that I feel most at home.

Animals have this intrinsic joy and I feel honored when a client lets me into their world to capture it.

I have been called an “animal whisperer” by friends and clients. I can feel into their energy and in my own way I can communicate with them. It is pretty rare that I meet an animal that doesn’t warm up to me. Even the toughest subjects — an untrusting foster dog or a notoriously shy tabby cat come to mind — always come around.  We always end up pals.

My innate warmth and calming energy puts animals and people alike at ease. As a trained Reiki II practitioner, I focus on giving off energy that helps animals to feel safe and be who they are. Thanks to animals, I’m able to understand Reiki on a deeper level - whenever I am around pets, I can go to that place where energy is just flowing and there is no resistance.

Animals are my world, my passion. I’d love to meet yours and capture forever memories for you!


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